Party Rules

1. No alcohol and no illegal drugs.
2. No illegal sexual conduct permitted.
3. If you have any medical condition, including but not limited to sexually transmitted diseases, allergies, mental health issues or unusual reaction to play that your play partner should know about, tell them BEFORE you begin the scene.
a. If you have not played with this person before, take the time to negotiate.
4. The play party safe words are RED and SAFE WORD.
a. Either of these words is always a stop word at NOBLE Play Parties; DMs will intervene in a scene if they hear either of these words.
5. There will be assigned DMs (Dungeon Monitors) at each party.
a. DMs will be wearing badges so they are easily identifiable. What you hear from them about your scene is final. DMs will gladly answer questions about scenes in progress, location of available accessories and proper use of equipment.
6. Never interfere in a scene in progress. Only DMs have the authority to halt a scene. If you're unsure about the safety or sanity of a scene, find a DM to ask.
7. Be quiet and considerate. Keep conversations away from the play areas. If you have comments, save them for later.
8. Do walk away if a scene makes you uncomfortable.
9. Do not step into or walk through anyone's scene. Do not jump in as soon as the scene appears to be over.
a. Remember, it takes some a little while to remember where they are and return to the real world.
10. Do not monopolize the play equipment.
a. Do not sit on or otherwise block the equipment if not playing.
11. Don't fondle or handle other people's bodies or toys.
a. If you want to examine a toy, ask the owner. Don't assume everyone will accept a hug. Don't be offended if someone tells you, "No."
12. Safe play, play safe. Bring along appropriate "accessories."
a. We have a BDSM First Aid kit and a box or two of latex gloves, but they may not be in your size. It may seem obvious, but don't forget; if you've been intimately contacting someone else, please wash your hands before hugging, shaking hands, playing with a new person etc. Clean your toys between play partners.
13. Blood, wax and urine scenes: Bring appropriate absorbent pads/tarps to catch any drips, sprays, or floods. If you can't keep fluids or wax from the floor and equipment, don't do that activity.
14. Blood play is not prohibited, but do be considerate of others. Impact play over blood is not permitted. It atomizes into the air to be inadvertently shared with anyone in the room. Please do not share your body fluids non-consensually.
15. Long whips, such as single tails: If you don't have sufficient room to use one - don't. If you are not experienced with using one - don't. Be sure the area to the back of you and the side of you is cleared before you begin so you do not accidentally hit someone other than the person you intended to.
16. Keep your scenes in the areas provided for play.
17. Do not block high traffic areas. Please be considerate.
18. Please, clean up after yourself. Drinks spill, ashes drop, bodies leak fluids. We have paper towels and disinfectant spray available by each play station. After a scene, wipe down the equipment you've used and the area around the scene.
19. No smoking in play areas unless DM approves smoking within a scene.
20. When you are finished with a scene, clean the area, remove all toys and your play partner from the play area.
21. Do be respectful and polite to everyone. Do not assume an un-collared person is available to you.
22. Do respect a "No," whether it means no play, no touch or anything else. Don't take it personally and don't push.
23. All are welcome at NOBLE Play Parties however; in accordance with Louisiana State Law and Local City Ordinances, solicitation for sexual favors of any kind is strictly prohibited. Professional Dominants and/or professional submissives may not solicit clients from or bring paying clients to any NOBLE sanctioned function.
24. No image (i.e. photography, sketching, cell phone pictures, etc.) may be captured at an NOBLE event without express consent being assured and/or previous permission from the Council being secured.
a. If such approved images et al, are being made, notice MUST be given to all attendees and they must have the option of moving out of range, etc.
b. Non-consensual images et al, could result in loss of membership up to and including possible banning from the organization should the offense be duplicated.
c. BDSM is considered by many to be a private matter. In addition, misconceptions about BDSM remain widespread and may be personally and/or professionally damaging.
d. By attending NOBLE sponsored functions, including but not limited to munches, education seminars, workshops, play parties, and other sanctioned events, I agree not to divulge to anyone not in attendance at a specific NOBLE sponsored function, the names, statements, and/or actions of anyone else who attends said function, without their explicit permission.
e. The following activities are considered unacceptable behavior under the NOBLE Confidentiality Policy: Contacting or threatening another member's non-scene related friends, family, or work associates in order to "out them" about scene activities.
f. Breach of this Confidentiality Policy may result in consequences leading up to expulsion from the group.
g. However, I understand that NOBLE's Confidentiality Policy cannot guarantee confidentiality, and I accept the risk of exposure involved in participating in a public venue.