Membership Information

How do I join?
Simple. Attend any NOBLE event, receive an orientation, and fill out a membership application.

Benefits of Associate and Regular Members:

  1. Membership Requirements
    1. All new prospective members of NOBLE will be required to complete the appropriate NOBLE Member Application and be given the NOBLE Orientation by a NOBLE Council approved representative, prior to attending any NOBLE sanctioned Play Party.
    2. Associate Membership
      1. Associate Membership may be granted to any member of the BDSM Community, eighteen (18) year of age or older, with the only exception being those persons excluded for violation of NOBLE Policy.
      2. Associate Members must fill out all applicable membership documents.
    3. Regular Membership
      1. Regular Membership will be granted by the Council of Officers upon a majority vote.
      2. Only Associate Members of NOBLE, twenty-one (21) years of age or older, may apply for Regular Membership status.
      3. The prospective Regular Member must demonstrate a willingness to support the ideals of NOBLE as stated in the Mission Statement of the NOBLE Bylaws.
      4. The Council of Officers shall vote on the application of any prospective member at the next NOBLE Council Meeting immediately following the receipt of the application.
        1. In order to better evaluate an applicant for Regular Membership the Council may elect to delay a final vote on an applicant for a maximum of ninety (90) days.
        2. The applicant must be informed of the Council's decision within seven (7) days of the Council Meeting after the application is received.
  2. Benefits accorded Associate Members
    1. Associate Members will not be assessed any annual dues.
    2. Associate Members will pay a $25.00 fee to attend any NOBLE sanctioned Play Party.
  3. Benefits accorded Regular Members
    1. Regular Members shall be assessed annual dues of $40.00.
    2. Regular Members will pay a $20.00 fee to attend any NOBLE sanctioned Play Party.
    3. Regular Members are eligible to vote, nominate candidates, and run for Office.
    4. Regular Members receive discounted rates to any NOBLE sponsored event for which there is a charge.
    5. Regular Members are eligible to attend the free “Members Only” Play Parties.
    6. Regular Members can rent the NOBLE space for private parties for a small fee and deposit. Deposit is returned if space is cleaned after the party.